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Lively Ones: this fitness class takes place primarily in chairs; great for those with arthritis and/or those that need a very low impact workout. The class works on cardio, strength and flexibility. Great for seniors!

Low Impact Aerobics (LASS): 45 minute class consisting of 25 minutes of low impact aerobic dance followed by strength training, core work and flexibility giving participants a total body workout!

Cardio/Strength Fusion: 30 minutes of cardio followed by a quick 20 minute blast of total body strength. A full body stretch concludes this calorie-burning hour!

Cardio Interval: High Intensity Training at it's finest! This class is devoted soley to cardiovascular training! Examples of cardio options include: boxing, BOSU, cycle, step, agility, plyometrics, or a combo!

Cardio Blast: A steady, state cardio class focusing on building up your cardiovascular endurance!

Mind/Body: Pilates, Yoga, or a fusion of both!

Barre: This class combines Pilates, Yoga, and ballet using light free weights, ballet barre, and other equipment to stretch and strengthen your muscles. No dance experience required.

HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training at it's finest! Experience tabata, agility, and a variety of interval training workouts in this 45-60 minute class!

Cycle: Take a fun ride for 45-60 minutes... enjoy a mix of hills and flats for a great endurance workout!