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Team training is awesome training a high-energy, large group environment. Under the guidance of a trainer, you will experience total body strength and conditioning AND have a great time! Check out the video gallery to learn more! 




Industrial Strength
throwback Afterburn or Industrial Strength
8:00a Afterburn
Industrial Strength Foundations


8:30a Trainer's Choice
 9:00a     Afterburn 
Industrial Strength  
 12:00p  Afterburn Industrial Strength
4:00p Industrial Strength throwback Afterburn or Industrial Strength
 5:30p Afterburn Industrial Strength Foundations throwback Afterburn or Industrial Strength

* In order to participate in any Team Training at The Fitness Factor, you must have first completed a Functional Movement Screen. (FMS) If you would like to participate in the 30 Day Training Experience, please check with the front desk or ask them to set up a FMS with our Training Director.


Our Three Types of Team Training Are:

Foundations: 30-45 minute training sessions are ideal for mastery of the basic movement patterns. This class is helpful for new exercisers or those that are looking to move into more advanced programming with a solid foundation of human movement.

Afterburn: Metabolic Conditioning at it’s finest! This perfect combination of strength and cardio pushes you like no other training session and revs up even the slowest metabolism…perfect for fat loss clients and those looking to get an awesome workout!

Industrial Strength: The newest addition to our training program gives you a more strength-focused session but with all of the fat loss benefits! These sessions are great for those looking to add strength and power into their fitness routine!

Throwback and/or Trainer's Choice: One of our 'vintage' workouts selected for your enjoyment by our training team!