The Fitness Factor is proud to feature Alloy Personal Training Systems!

What is Alloy all about?
Our training features functional training in a variety of settings, from small group to large group training. These sessions give you everything from improved mobility, stability and balance to increased strength and cardio levels! You get to slam medicine balls, swing kettlebells, work with your body weight, play with heavy ropes and more! We change up your workouts constantly so your body is always working in a new way to give you the best results in the fastest way possible! Not convinced? Here is what some of our members have to say about our programs:

“Whether I am in a large group or a small group I always know that someone is watching to be sure I make the most of my time at the Fitness Factor; whether it is gentle correction on form, modification to suit my body or needs, or simply checking in when I’m gone for a while.” – ANNE F.

“The Fitness Factor’s team training program is top drawer! Knowledgeable trainers consistently deliver varied workouts that are challenging yet fun; the whole the team aspect lends camaraderie and accountability to your training routine.” – BETSY G.