Hey you. Welcome to the #teamfactor blog…

FYI: #teamfactor includes all of you reading this, no matter where you are or where/if you exercise 😊 We’re starting a SHORT blog/vlog to have a forum to teach, talk, dispel myths, show workouts & exercises, address all things fitness and most importantly: how it affects YOU. It’s causal. Grammar and spelling errors will be made. Sentences won’t be complete. The English language might get butchered.; we’re fitness people, please forgive.

Everything will be easy to read and understand (no complicated physiology here, people) and will be no more than 5 min in length—to read or watch. *Insert all the praise hands* Let’s be real: you don’t have time for 15 min posts and 30 min biochemistry lessons. Um, no thanks. Instead, what we want to do is teach you about some stuff and how it works. Simple stuff about the body and exercise. We don’t know everything; in fact, the more we learn the more we realize we need a million more years to learn it all. But we will do our best to keep this informative, interesting, and simple.

This blog will focus on how the body works and how you can work it. Need to be an exercise fanatic to read this? Negative. Need to be willing to change the way you see yourself? Maybe. The goal here is for you to learn about your body and when you can start to understand all that it does for you, I’m 97% (+/-3%) sure that you’ll start looking at it a little differently (and hopefully appreciate it more!).

Our goal here is to focus on YOU and your journey learning about movement, exercise, nutrition, how to achieve your goals, and one of my favorite things: self-love. That’s a touchy topic in the fitness industry. There are lots of posts and photos of rock hard bods and crazy workout videos and while that’s great for some people (and sometimes fun to watch), we’re all about some realness and truth. Sometimes life is hard and you want to eat all the candy. Sometimes you go to Trader Joe’s and innocently buy chocolate and sea salt covered almonds and then they’re gone within 24 hrs (hypothetical example). Either way, realness here. Love here. Fitness here. No judgement here. Can’t wait…

About Me:

My name is Whitney Brown and I’m the Director of Personal Training at the Fitness Factor in Columbus, Mississippi. I do some 1:1 training, group training, lead training meetings, goof around, teach Group X (only when needed!), and dabble in marketing; it’s fun. We are a licensee with Alloy Training Systems at the Factor and have a full-service fitness facility and a sister Pilates studio next door. It’s the best place to work and we have the best team and group of members/clients ever.